Custom Expeditions

Bagheera Sailing specializes in sailing, hiking, climbing, photography and film expeditions in the Arctic. We can assist in organizing or even accommodate your expedition. Preparation is extremely important to bring an expedition to a successful end and we can assist during the preparations as well as accommodate it.

We have been sailing in high latitude waters since 1995 and visited many remote areas. Our experience is not only built on sailing, we are also experienced mountain climbers, bikers, kayakers, divers, photographers, skiers and backpackers. It doesn’t matter if you wish to make a hike across the Torngat mountain national park, a skiing trip across Greenland or climb some of the countless unnamed and unclimbed mountains on Baffin Island or Greenland, make an photo or filming expedition through the Northwest passage, a winter sail along the coasts of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Iceland, Scotland or Norway, you name it and we can help you organizing it or host it on our vessel. We can bring your gear to the most remote locations and we can bring you or pick you up from your expeditions at virtually any place along the water.

“Bagheera” is a vessel that can go anywhere and our operations are only limited by pack ice (generally we have to avoid 6/10 pack ice or denser) and water depth, we need at least 3 meters. Depending on the size of the individual items of your gear, we can carry approximately 3.500 kgs (7700 lbs) additional weight that you might need during your expedition.

To give you an impression of the areas and seasons we can operate, please refer to the map below:


Index of color:

Black: only under very special conditions those areas can be entered, this can be due to the fact that it is usually covered in ice or because of political issues (Russia)

Red: There is a small chance that we are able to visit those locations in late August or September, usually these waters are ice infested, but fact is that the pack ice is retreating more and more every year and that in some summers we can visit those locations.

Orange: This is our summer operation area, the Arctic summer runs between late July and early October, some of the indicated waters need more time to de-ice where others are sometimes ice free much earlier in the season.

Green: Our winter operation area.

Light blue: areas that we don’t visit.

Please note: this is just an indication of the possibilities, every expedition will be planned according to statistical averages of ice extent in combination with our own past experiences.