2014 Season Has Come To An End

It was a fantastic summer and we have managed to sail almost the full distance that we planned on. Due to some time restraints as well as unfavorable ice conditions, we had to skip Cunningham Inlet on Sommerset Island in the Canadian Arctic.

We are now doing all the required maintenance to get Bagheera back to her old self and ready for the 2015 season. One of the things that has to be looked at is the engine, after the replacement in Greenland, it has still some minor issues that need to be resolved, and our water heating system needs to be tied in to it again.

This is Bagheera rafted with a patch of sea ice, we have been surrounded by quite dense patches of pack ice for 2,5 days while we were looking for Polar bears. The picture is taken just north of Arctic bay in the Admiralty Inlet, the northern part of Baffin Island, first week of August.


One of the bears we encountered was actually trying to cut us off from the mothership while we were out in the zodiac.Jorgen Rasmussen manged to take this fantastic shot with our boat in the background. Jorgen is a professional photographer, and some of his work can be seen on his website: jorgenrasmussen.com


This picture was taken around 01:00 in the morning, the sun just dissapearing behind a hill for a few minutes. We were floating between the brash ice of a glacier in the northern part of the Disco Bay area, which is the central part of Western Greenland, 3rd week of July.