Amazing Light


There is 24 hours of daylight at the latitudes that “Bagheera” is currently located. The most beautiful part of the day is late in the evening and very early in the night. This picture is taken during one of my night walks, just before midnight. It is the “skyline” of Ilulissat, with Disko Island on the horizon.

As a continuation on our Engine story: the engine works again! there are a few minor issues to resolve, but nothing that cannot be done over the next few days. There is a small oil leak, the electrical stop button does not travel the proper distance to shut the engine off and the main alternator does not charge correctly. I would not have expected the engine to be perfect at the first shot, there are always minor adjustments to make. So I’m perfectly happy by how it worked out. It was a bit of a gamble to have an engine come in by airplane and swap it out here in this remote port. But it was organized well, and all that was required to make this into a success was actually in the right place on the right time.

We can continue our trip north!