Disassembling Of An Engine Block

Over the last few days, I managed to completely disassemble and take apart the ceased up engine. With proper use of the rigging, I managed to put both the gearbox and the remainder of the engine block on deck. This way, I have clear and full access to the engine room compartment for a thorough cleaning, some paint damage repairs and maintenance of pipes, hoses and wires. We have been suffering from a small, but very annoying fuel leak in one of the supply lines to the engine for some time now. It was in a very tough spot to reach for proper repairs when the engine was in place. Now that the engine is temporarily gone, I will take the opportunity to repair that leak once and for all.

I just got word from airgreenland that the new engine is supposed to arrive her by Saturday morning. Fingers crossed! That would give me 8 days to get everything back together, make it work and go out for some test runs.