The Challenge Of Getting Fresh Water

We did not have the chance yet to fill our water tanks since we left Halifax, over a month ago. There is a simple way of getting fresh water, and that is using the hose that is available at the fish factory. But the truth is, that the water smells badly, and it also looks dirty. To such an extent, that I did not even try to taste it. What else can we do?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. There is an enormous glacier just a few minutes away from here. Glaciers are ice rivers made out of compressed snow, and are therefore made of fresh water. All we have to do is sail out to the glacier front with our little zodiac, and collect the smaller blocks of ice. We put those in a big bag that collects the melt water, and we can poor that in our tanks.

It is a lot of work, we will need about 800kg’s of ice to get the tanks full again. the upside is that the water is of such purity, that it is worth a lot of money when sold in a bottle. And we use that on our boat to do dishes, take showers and run a washing machine! Simply because it is melting away in the sea anyway.

In order to speed up the melting process a bit, it really takes ages when done on deck, we put some pots and pans on the heater.