What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Place You Did Not Plan For

Eventough we did not plan to stay in Ilulissat for this long, we still very much enjoy ourselves. There are so many things to do and to see, that one does not even realize where the time went. We make hikes to the glacier, working aggressively on solving the engine problem, and do some small jobs that can always be found on an expedition boat.

We are actually making good progress on solving the engine problem, but that will be details for a later update. I now just want to update you on what a normal day in the office looks like when the office is actually a boat.

Yesterday, Andre, one of our guests for this summer, was doing some maintenance work on the small Suzuki outboard engine. The carburetor wasn’t working properly, and a good cleaning of the internal parts made a world of a difference.


Other daily tasks we do are hiking, cooking, shopping, cleaning, getting drinking water (which is a story on its own for a later date), trying to arrange everything for the engine, administrative work and so on. We are technically waiting for things to happen, but we are very busy doing so.

And of course, we could not be more grateful for all the fantastic help that Willy and Vijayanthi of the Inuit cafe are giving us!