Arctic Parcel Delivery Service

About two months before departure to the north we got a request from someone to bring with us two relatively big and heavy parcels from Halifax to Nuuk. It sounded very interesting to me, and I went to Barrington street in Halifax to take a look at what it was that I was about to take with me. The nature of the “parcels” was very interesting and I could easily fit them on the boat, so I took them with me! As you probably noticed, I refer to the fact that they are parcels, and not what it actually is. That is because there is a journalist involved in all of this as well (Andy Schell over at and I want to give him the honors of revealing what they really are when the time is there! For now you will have to do with a picture of me, unloading the cargo.


We arrived in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland on June 11th in the late evening, and cleared customs first thing in the next morning. A friend of the father of the owner of the parcels, who is a woman from Greenland that lived in Halifax for a while, stopped by that same morning as well to pick up the parcels. Johan is his name, and he is a seaman that sailed the coast of Greenland pretty much all his life. He recently retired and had plenty of time, so he was generous enough to take us for a tour of the city. Johan showed us the highlights and some of the history, took us to the grocery store, and invited us to his home for coffee and pie. All and all a very exciting day, because it was also the first nice day in Nuuk for that year! It was a windless, sunny day with temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius. We were lucky to see the town on specifically that day!