What Day Of The Week Is It Again?

Life at sea is pretty slow, the days are no longer scheduled events, but rather a process that you go through. It is almost impossible to know which day of the week it is, and even the time of the day is not that easy to guess anymore, it is really liberating, as well as relaxing for the mind. Did we leave yesterday? Or was it last week? It is a question you really have to think about for a while when asked in a situation we are in. It is that we keep a logbook, otherwise we would be lost in time…

Especially now that the darkness of the night is fading away with every mile we move further north, the days seem to melt together into one long one. Last night was only 3 hours of “no light” (you can’t even call it dark anymore). We are now just north of 60 degrees, and Nuuk, our destination for this delivery trip is at 64 degrees north, 240 miles ahead of us.


So to be very honest, there is not much to write, not much is happening. Which, in the Arctic, is usually a good thing. We fill our days with cleaning, reading books, and lots of good conversations. We eat a lot, and experiment with cooking, once in a while we take care of the navigation, and adjust or change the sails. Today was a day of personal care as well, shaving, washing hair and so on; at sea those are not activities one usually does every day, especially not in a cold climate or regions of the planet where the weather is not always favorable.

However, everything is about to change shortly when, in a couple of days, land as well as other people will be back in our lives because we will sail into the capital of Greenland: Nuuk.