A Quick Pit Stop In St John’s NL


The way from Halifax to Newfoundland was longer than ever before, a distance that is often covered in 3-4 days took us almost 6 days due to lack of wind and persistent winds from the North East, exactly the direction we were heading for!

This resulted in a lot more engine hours than anticipated, so we make a quick stop in St. John’s for re-fueling which we were passing within a few miles anyway on our way north off the Grand Banks.

The weather for the next few days is looking good, it looks like we will have stronger winds from the south, exactly what we would need to speed up the delayed delivery trip to Nuuk.
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We will be heading back into the eternal fog and between the majestic icebergs of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland as soon as the fuel delivery truck shows and filled our tank up.

The picture shown here was taken during our approach of St John’s harbor, the first full size iceberg of the 2014 season, we’re on our way!